I have served as the pastor of New Covenant Community Church since the time of its founding as a mission work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1995. We began with a very small group of committed families and individuals and, by God's grace, have grown into a robust congregation.

We are a very young church, but in our brief history we have seen the Lord do many wonderful things. God has raised up men to serve in office and many of our members have been called into full-time pastoral ministry. And yes, God has been pleased to grow our congregation. First and foremost, we have seen many come to faith in Christ and added to His church. Others who have joined us have just begun to understand the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ more fully.

We have also seen many come to us who have grown tired of the culture-driven approaches to church growth and ministry so prevalent in our day. They don't want to be entertained! They want to worship. They don't want "dumbed-down" sermonettes or motivational talks. They want the substance of the Word of God. They don't want mere moralism. They want heavy doses of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they want it every week. To all such hungry hearts—whatever the background—we say, "Come, and welcome!"

Perhaps you have questions about the Bible or about Jesus Christ that have never been answered. We would love to show you that God in His Word has clear and authoritative answers to life's deepest questions. Perhaps you're weary of games and gimmicks and are hungry for the substance of the Word of God. As God enables us, we would love the opportunity to give you a steady diet of the whole counsel of God.

If you have questions about the Reformed faith, or about New Covenant Church in particular, please feel free to contact me by phone (815-603-8533) or email.